he can blind my eye.....but he can`t stuck my brain..

someday i feel myself so blind....cause i can`t see anything he do behind me...i just trust he 100% in my life...but....my brain never stuck to thinking about him..
One day,
I made you a cookie,but i eated it. ='(... I felt myself alone with the Poor....

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Days more by earth will be old and humans all that got on this earth will be changes....that already passed away leaving them names and the new person will replaced them great grandparent... Day by day i`m just thinking...what i should be when later i already finish with my study??should i being anything that i want to be....or just waiting luck... prff~ exist i will get to repeat the oldest earth when i`m with all my family....and never seperated like now....all is leaving afield....when i seeing the photo of my families ...i much agog we`ll back together without being seperated.... why this earth so not fair for me...why siblings each should must have commotion feel??why always got mis-understand??why on siblings always got feel not satisfied??i`m always much egog to see my family happy always with without have what commotion and etc...

p/s : i alwyas want to see my family happy always... ='(

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