he can blind my eye.....but he can`t stuck my brain..

someday i feel myself so blind....cause i can`t see anything he do behind me...i just trust he 100% in my life...but....my brain never stuck to thinking about him..
One day,
I made you a cookie,but i eated it. ='(... I felt myself alone with the Poor....

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My CuttIe TIK TOK. =D

Thursday, February 17, 2011

True Happiness =D

  • finding your musical soulmates . 
  • when he smiles at you
  • spinning around in the rain
  • unexpected  texts
  • finding something  you thought you lose
  • feeling pretty
  • winning an arguement
  • getting letters in the mails
  • noticing something you never had
  • slipping on your new pair of shoes
  • cheering someone up
  • knowing that everything will be okay !

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