he can blind my eye.....but he can`t stuck my brain..

someday i feel myself so blind....cause i can`t see anything he do behind me...i just trust he 100% in my life...but....my brain never stuck to thinking about him..
One day,
I made you a cookie,but i eated it. ='(... I felt myself alone with the Poor....

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My CuttIe TIK TOK. =D

Monday, May 16, 2011

Vanessa (wawa) & Jouvenne (jojo)(me)

The BLACK sweather is my cousin. Vanessa she`s a name.
Me is using the WHITE + PURPLE sweather.
we were like siblings
cause  we being friends from our small until now.
we also get fighting...
may be got a bit
We still are friends. ^^

i really would like this =D

Ways to Love Your GirlFriend
  1. When you say goodbye, hug her for that extra moment, even if people are watching.
  2. Make her feel important: Talk to her, sincerely ask her if she is alright if she seems sad or hurt.
  3. Stand up for her.
  4. Buy her something personal. Or, better yet, make her something.
  5. If she tells you that she loves you, kiss her lightly, then whisper “I love you more” while you are still touching her lips.
  6. Take her out, even not to an expensive dinner or the movies. Sometimes where you first met or a walk around the park can be very romantic.
  7. Hold her hand when you’re with your friends.
  8. Share inside jokes.
  9. If there is a food she loves, buy it and surprise her.
  10. Always call her back, even if it’s just to say I love you.
  11. If she is lagging behind, pick her up in your arms and carry her.
  12. Randomly give her a peck on the forehead, nose, cheek, etc..Randomly give her a peck on the forehead, nose, cheek, etc..
  13. Look her deep in her eyes.
  14. Gather her up in your arms and kiss the top of her head.
  15. Love her at her worst.
  16. Give her your sweatshirt and cuddle with her.
  17. Pick her up and spin her around.
  18. Laugh with her, not at her.
  19. Listen to music with her, and with same headphones, of course!
  20. Listen to everything she says.
  21. Tell her how much you love her.
  22. Always ask her what would make her happy that you could do.
  23. If you start fighting stop and say i love you and im sorry can we stop fighting please.
  24. NEVER tell her she’s ugly, fat, etc. (even if you’re joking)
  25. When a girl is mad at you , you never stop talking to her even if she’s says go away or i never want to talk to you again never stop talking to her and saying sorry for what you have done.
i really would like this :] <3

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Our Friends..^^

 I know you all not really understand what i want to sharing about,
well,just read this...
so,you will understand it.

Here I am want to said : 

This is my friend`s..
Cornelia G.S. she`s a name.

  I understand what your feeling my friend...=) 
 be HAPPY anyway...
I`m must feel LUCKY cause still got two people that who LOVE & CARING
( Father & Mother ) 
with me actualy... 
Our is friend... 
you still have we all..
means your FRIEND.
  who can still give a SUPPORT to you..
including your sis & also yours brother. =)

Monday, May 2, 2011


Here I am want to share something  
A NOTES from my facebook
create by my friend WELDY ARNOLD
his a names.
 I always call he "KOKO" on school
cause his face look a like my koko MAXMARINO
This is not important story
may be
this is story look important for you..
well read this. 

 Sorry for what i`ve done to you :) can you forgive me ? 
For you it's over , But for me IT"S NOT OVER :')I still love you , 
But you ? Hmm .
All our Memories hapiness and loneliness tears smiles cry laugh please come back :') I miss you a lot ! 
as i've said it's not over For me
" Past is Past
If you're dissapointed sorry .
i've cried for you , i've laugh for you , i've change just for you :') hmph . 
Now i'm alone just because of you .
now i'm alone without you :'( if i die today .
what will you do ? come after ?
Or just pretend not affected , i love you after you love me .
i wish i'm a grass so i can cut myself , you're important to me . hmph !
i dont know if i'll be okay ,, 
you traded everything just for me , i never realized that .
i love you ! i hate you  ! 
my only wish for now to be with you this summer had been my worst nightmare with this life of mine , everything had change . 
you removed my worries , now i throwed my dreams since i've done this . 
i'm lonely for a year my sunshine becomes my night . 
my hapiness becomes a crap . 
plenty lies :'))
your not here ,
i'm alone waiting for you to come back :DD i know you can tell i love you ,
i know you can feel it too .. 
but please dont leave me :'( here because you know i love you !
 thats all :) Thank you < :))
created By : weldy Arnold :D      

RAINBOW Jelly my RECEPI for today. =)



i`m just done this jelly last night..
not look good enough but it get good taste
honestly,i like that one jelly got laicy inside..hehe


today i`m just done my


Martabak My recepi ^^ when i feel bored at home.


 This is  " MARTABAK "  
I`m learning to cooked this Martabak when i was 8years old.
i think it just a simple cookie that my mom teaching me  ^^
well,when i feel free 
i`ll do it.
look delicious rite? 
if not...well,thnks for reading my blog. =D

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